Lake City, Iowa
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Name: Opportunity Living
Phone Number: 712-464-8961
Address: 1890 E Main St, Lake City, IA - 51449
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Business Description

Our Mission,  “Providing Special Persons Opportunities for Living”

"We are here to serve special people.  The hands pictured in our logo represent the spirit and support provided by Opportunity Living."  Dave Staver, Executive Director

Opportunity Living is licensed to provide ICF-ID (Intermediate Care Facility for Intellectual Disabilities) level of care.  Opportunity living currently serves 68 individuals under this licensure.  These 68 individuals live in community based group homes that are located in Lake City and Rockwell City.  Opportunity Living provides work and activity services at its main location in Lake City.

Opportunity Living is certified to provide HCBS (Home and Community Based Waiver Services).  We are able to serve individuals under the ID (Intellectual Disabilities) waiver as well as the BI (Brain Injury) waiver.

We are CARF (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facility) certified which allows us to provide Pre-Vocational  services to waiver clients.

Opportunity Living operates a public recreation center, located in Lake City, with a therapeutic swimming pool.  The Opportunity Living recreation center offers exercise classes with certified instructors as well as a variety of activities.  For more information click on our link and explore our website.

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