Lake City, Iowa
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On behalf of the residents of Lake City, I would like to welcome you to our community!

We are a cozy agricultural town located in the heart of Northwest Iowa. With a population just under 1,800, we are booming with over 130 local businesses – ranging from one of the world’s top Organ builders to your local Quilt Shoppe to the community hospital employing over 250 people to your local bakery!

Lake City is a community that focuses on meeting the needs of all generations as much as possible. We take pride in both our residents willingness to come together when needed and the appearance of our community, boasting our downtown square, featuring a replica fountain and bandstand, and well kept city parks and attractions.

Lake City is rich in history, with a heritage over 150 years old! Explore our Central School Preservation which highlights not only the history of Lake City but the history of education amongst its walls erected in 1884! The fun doesn’t end there! Visit our $2 community movie theatre showing new releases everyweekend! Dive into our new outdoor aquatic center or join the men and women’s league at the beautiful Lake City Country Club! During the chillier months (and even the summer!) hang out at our indoor recreation center located at Opportunity Living Acres!

I look forward to seeing you in and around Lake City!

Tyler Holm
Lake City Mayor